Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A lesson learned!

Recently I got the idea to dye some Christmas sock yarn. I decided to dye the yarn in the sun using food coloring:
The yarn was approximately divided into thirds and placed in Christmas red and green water laced with citric acid. In hindsight I did not allow the sun "do it's thing". Which is why I'm now writing this post!

When the water became clear I quickly rinsed the yarn and hung it to dry. When I began knitting them they became a perfect pair of Christmas Ribbon Candy Socks!
There was some leftover yarn so I knit a pair for one of the boys:
Then giving the socks the finishing touch, I began blocking them........Oh, no! My ribbon candy socks began melting all over! What had been a beautiful pair of Christmas socks became a pink mess:
I put them away not really knowing how I was going to remedy this tragic disaster.  Then one day not long ago, I was listening to a podcast when light bulb went on! I hadn't had enough heat on the original socks! So yesterday I put a pot of water on the stove, added citric acid, royal blue food coloring, placed the ruined socks in the heated water, and simmered them for twenty minutes. After letting them cool and rinsing the socks THOROUGHLY I'm happy to show the results:
This new color has changed the red to burgundy and darkened the Christmas green to a forest green and produced a perfectly useful pair of socks!

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