Monday, August 4, 2014

Denali's first camping trip

I drove eight hours home on Tuesday, made five days of suppers Wednesday and then it was off to Canyon Ferry Thursday! Our new little camper has a microwave and I love it! Some ladies like the idea of cooking great meals in their campers but not me. I want good, hot, nutritious food but I don't want to spend all my time and effort making and cleaning up the mess in a confined area. So on Wednesday I made meals for the entire time we would be gone. I froze everything except the potatooe dish. To worked out great, including using paper plates - no fuss, no muss!

Friday : Scalloped potatoes and Ham
Saturday: Wacky noodles with hot Italian sausage
Sunday: Barbecued pork sandwiches
Monday: Swedish Meatballs and instant rice
Tuesday: Tacos (all veggies prepacked in a quart jar -"Salad in a Jar")

This was Denali's first camping trip and she went from being quite shy in the beginning to loving getting up and outside each morning for my first cup of coffee in the great outdoors! We did realize there would have to be a few changes, a retractable leash and a more secure harness.
Unfortunately, our trip was cut short by a day because although our Paul McCartney Concert tickets were to be emailed they were fedexed. So Monday morning we packed up and headed the three and a half hours home and fifteen minutes later our tickets were delivered. It was nice to spend the night home but early the next morning we were off heading back west on a five hour trip to Missoula and the concert!

Phew! Trying to fit all our summer fun in is getting a little tough!

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