Thursday, July 24, 2014

Busy times during the boys visit

We've had a very busy week with the nephews and grandkiddos here. They chose a short ride to the water park in town rather than a trip of several hours to Chico Hot Springs. We had a good afternoon and were home in a jiff. I forgot to take pics until the last second...
Hubby jumped right in and came up with several things to do. He loves the outdoors and so naturally thinks that all youngsters, especially boys, should love being out communing with nature. Off we went! Over several days we made the Eastern Montana Circuit and visited Pompey's Pillar, Sherdian Butte, and Little Big Horn Battlefield.
Pompey's Pillar:
Then it was on to Sheridan Butte, a six to seven mile hike! A little metal detecting was done and a surprise visit from a three foot rattlesnake!
We hiked to the top and had a 360 degree great view!
We were able to find the carving left behind by Co. C on their way to aid Custer but in reality they picked up the dead and injured after the battle.
Calypso Tower...
On the way home Joe asked, "Can we could just stay home tomorrow and hangout." Of coarse! Relieved to know I wasn't the only one that was dead dog tired!


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