Friday, July 11, 2014

A boy and his cat

The Pirate has only been around grumpy old cats, ones that only see kiddos as unnecessary interruptions in an otherwise perfect live. Over the years he quietly wormed his way into Nkkos heart with his gentle ways but it had taken years and The Pirate growing up. Now there is a new kitten and it took only a few days for them to form a bond, kitten learning "The Boy", for I'm sure this is her name for him, could be trusted and "The Boy" learning he could touch her without a lightning quick paw scratching an outstretched hand.
The kitten is happy with me each morning - until she hears footsteps on the stairs and at that moment she rises up on her hind legs, her neck extended just waiting for her first glimpse of "The Boy"! He is learning her daily habits and is waiting for her after the daily three and half hour morning nap with a quick snack and her favorite toy. There is nothing sweeter than a boy and his cat!

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