Thursday, June 5, 2014

Traveling Kitty

Hubby and Denali arrived early Saturday morning from their whirlwind airplane trip. Our kitty remained "free" but cost Hubby a plane ticket to Alaska and back. Typically, in hubby fashion, he didn't make a few last minute arrangements and stay a few days but flew up Thursday and back Friday seeing very little of Anchorage. I was told that Denali was an outstanding traveler. The trek back took twelve hours and if you didn't make eye to eye contact with her she'd stay quiet in her little pet carrier.

We want to continue this pattern of delightful traveling with Denali, so yesterday less than a week after her arrival, we popped Denali in the vehicle and off we went driving over the Beartooth Mountains. This pass is closed all winter and opens each Memorial weekend if the snowplows can make it through. When we've driven this in the past we've only gotten to the little store located at the spot known as "The Top Of The World". This year our trip was ten days later and in just those ten days the pass had been opened all the way to the little town of Cooke City outside Yellowstone Park.
Denali was a champ! Once we were on our way I unzipped the the cat carrier, she took a look around the truck and settled in for the ride - no problems. She even slept through our lunch break in Cooke City! We'll have to keep her in practice with lots of little outings!

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