Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Guest Blogger

This weekend we tested went out the camper with two additional occupants and I'm pleased to have one of the grandkiddos as a guest blogger. Thank you Chloe-A-Little-Bit!

I am visiting my grandma for a couple weeks this summer and we went to Yellowstone.

Camping: Day 1
On the first day of the camping trip we hiked down to a river and went gold panning. On our hike down, we saw the state flower the Bitterroot, and some other pretty blossoms.
We also had to cross a stream.
Cameron had a go first, and with Grandpa’s help, got a few specks of gold. He enjoyed it very much.
I sat reading for a bit and then joined in and got a few gold specks as well.
We hiked up the hill to the car and went to bed.
Update: It appears that although my Guest blogger has taken beautiful photos and written her blog she bailed on me and so I'll complete and publish her entry :)

Camping: Day 2
On the second day we drove through Yellowstone and saw the Roosevelt Arch,
Lots of animals, including some mountain sheep near the entrance were they have not been for a while,
And the Norris basin.
We also saw the fire that almost burnt down Old Faithful Inn. It has grown a lot.
And then we went to Old Faithful for lunch and saw it erupt.
On the way back we saw a waterfall,
Yellowstone Lake,

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