Thursday, June 19, 2014

Governor's Cup 2014

Once the knitting retreat was over and everyone had "cast off" and were on their way home, I hopped into the car and headed to Helena. Three generations of the family were planning on racing in the Governor's Cup. California Dreamin' Son-in-law and The Chick were running the half marathon, California Dreamin' Daughter was running the 10K and The Pirate, Chloe-A-Little-Bit and I were doing the Fun Run- later to be known as THE MILE MARATHON!

California Dreamin' Son-In-Law finished with an outstanding 10th place and 6th place in the men's category. We are all very proud of him and the training he's been doing to be able to finish so strong.
 California Dreamin' Daughter arrived next with a winning stance!
And  The Chick flew by!
After the race our three racers compared notes, and a friend of The Chicks stopped by to say that she had thought she saw The Chick during the race and from behind shouted to her to move her  *** but had quickly been embarrassed because it turned out to be a stranger.  And then found out that of all the thousands of runners she had managed to find NOT The Chick but the Chicks California Sister!
 Then it was off to the last race of the day, The Mile Marathon! We warmed up at the starting line.
 Gramma gave out pointers.
The gun went off and The Pirate, our reluctant runner, took off so fast that his startled mother didn't even have time for a photo! However, the slower moving runners gave plenty of time for photos.
 We were able to get a finish line photo...
 Shortly after Gramma and Chloe-A-Little-Bit crossed the finish line - in the middle of the pack.
But wait...when we got home and looked at the competitive timings something meraculous had happened.

I had checked something off my bucket list without knowing it!!!
I had placed FIRST PLACE in my age group at THE GOVERNOR'S CUP!

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