Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tenth pair of socks knit this year!

I'm so into knitting socks! They take as much time as a sweater but are more portable, can be as challenging as one chooses, and are loved by my family! Socks are worn daily by everyone and yet are not fashion statements being hidden under a pair of pants, so a knitter can make even the most conservative recipient happy.

I started these while on vacation and forgot about them when the knitting needle broke! Stranded, I put them in their bag in the suitcase and promptly forgot about them until I began looking for a lost item in April.

Currently I'm down to two Half Finished Objects, both sweaters for myself. Frankly, this year I'd just prefer to knit sock after sock!
Pattern: My friend, Jeck by Regina Satta (love this vanilla sock pattern!)
Yarn: Patons North America Stretch Sock
Colorway: Olive
Amount: 2 skeins
Needle Size: US Size 1
I've already started on pair number eleven!

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