Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stumbling on the Rabbit Hole...

I've been working on the mitered square project since August. When I first saw and heard about this blanket I swore I'd never think of starting it, the completion would take a lifetime I thought. But this afghan just kept resurfacing in discussion after discussion. Finally, I was tempted and I thought I'd just "try" a few squares - perhaps knit a small pillow or two.

I fell down the rabbit hole and after eight months, taking one month away for vacation, here is where I stand:
Each square takes about 45 minutes to complete. At the end of each month I weave in the loose ends, and this takes about 3 hours to complete. My goal has been to knit one square a day or 30-31 a month. I was going great guns until last month and didn't make my goal. I knit 19 for a total of 257. So, thus far I spend approximately 192 hours 45 minutes knitting the squares and 24 hours weaving in ends for a total of 216 hours and 45 minutes! (It's about 20% done)

All and all I'm pretty happy with my progress and may even try to make up for the lost squares.

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