Monday, February 3, 2014

Luck Boy, birthday socks

This month I'm making birthday socks for my oldest Brother, Big Daddy. Even though my grandfather didn't talk about his heritage, our surname indicates we're Irish and we like to think we are 100% Irish. However, mathematically large percentages of German and English heritage are in our blood. Big Daddy is going to love these!
Starting these socks at the toe, I was careful to start at just the right spot in the yarn variation but...
Just about to the ribbing of the last sock and see, SEE the knot??? It threw off the whole color sequence. (Knitters know that yarn is considered a "good" skein of yarn if there are two or less knots in a skein BUT really that close to the finish line?) Well, I put my big gurl panties on and started a third skein of yarn at just the right spot to finish a matched pair.

Pattern: Pin Striped Socks by Julia Swart, with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel
Yarn: Patons Kroy Striped Yarn
Colorway: Mean Green
Amount 2 skeins
Needle Size: US size 1 needles

I slightly modified this pattern to suit the 72 stitches on circular needles (36 on each side):
Round 1: k4, slip stitch, k8, slip stitch, k8, slip stitch, k8, slip stitch, k4
Round 2: K

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