Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wagon train quilt square complete!

For me, our wagon train experience is finally coming to a close. I have completed the quilt square I promised in June. All pioneers were asked to contribute a square, but many knew that upon their return to the real world the everyday pressures would return and a quilt square would be impossible. Feeling the new freedom of retirement, I was easily talked into the project - after all it isn't due until December and I had all the time I needed with the start of school no longer looming over me! Surely my friend and quilter Linda would tutor me though appliqueing a sun bonnet girl.

But at the auction for next year's owner of the upcoming quilt, the square took a 360 degree turn. What had started out as a quick project, turned into an important heartfelt acknowledgement of an important person on our adventure. Our wagon master, Marcus, outbid everyone and bought the quilt. Marcus had been so friendly and kind to the kiddos. He was patient with the four kiddos, chatting, answering questions and patiently letting them drive the wagon and teaching them how to care for the horses.
So I've been plotting on just how I could make this a special tribute to him and hopefully let him know just how the six of us felt.

It started as a sketch...
Then many stitches...

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