Thursday, November 14, 2013

Quick trip to sunny California

Last Friday morning I got up before dawn, something I haven't seen since retirement, and caught a flight to California.  Although there was a delay in landing because for weather and a small fright to the California Dreamin' Daughter (At one point flight arrival was estimated for 01/01/2070, code for disaster she was sure) we had a great weekend.

I was met at the airport by California Dreamin' Son and Chloe ALittleBit. We had a great morning and then picked up The Pirate after school.  After a quick stop at the ice cream shop we headed home to play some cards. Chloe had ballet and happily it was family watch night:
The Pirate went to a workshop on Saturday morning to build a gravity machine:
Later in the evening we played a cooperative game revolving around buying stock, Airline Europe. A fun game with many layers.

We went on a hike Sunday...
and later to Berkeley Playhouse to see The Little Princess. It as everything I would have expected for a Berkeley play, innovative sets, interpretive dance and interesting production.
We had another relaxing day on Monday because it was Veteran's Day. Baking, a walk and more game playing.

Thanks Family for another fun visit!

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