Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not sure if I'm coming or going

I've been going east to west and west to east for the over a month! Many 5 hour trips west for Griz games and then 5 hours east back home.  I've traveled 8 hours east to visit The Nor Dak PurlGurl Family and then 8 hours back home! A very interesting trip that kept me on edge the entire time as it appears I managed to bring a wasp hive into the car hidden in a plant! I wasn't able to rid myself of all of them until 10 days later when I drove 3.5 hours to the west to help The Chick moved into a new apartment. On the 3.5 hour trip home I found one last wasp holdout and tossed  him out the window!

Last weekend's Griz adventure was outstanding. The Griz were the first to score but quickly fell behind. However, the two last minutes of the game the Griz drove the ball down field for a touchdown tying the score. The N-zone pulled out all the stops and..."Cal Poly, who had largely ignored the Washington-Grizzly crowd of 25, 913 throughout regulation, seemed bothered by the intensity of the moment as they faced the raucous north end zone. Quarterback Dano Graves, who had been Mr. Efficiency all game long, tossed an ill-advised pass that was picked off by Grizzly linebacker Brock Coyle just shy of the end zone." (KGVO) One of the best games ever!
When I was North Dakota ThePurlGurl and I went to Fort Ransom for their annual craft bazaar. Fort Ransom is currently a small town that is now a ski resort. Where are the mountains?
I later learned while on another adventure, Fort Ransom was created to secure the area and allowed the Fargo area to become settled and shortly after the railroad line to be built.

Although we didn't buy much I did get a great idea for a way to use an old window frame I had:
The wandering isn't done yet, next month on to San Francisco before the holiday season begins!

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