Friday, August 2, 2013

The berry snobs have got me going!

While traveling in California and Oregon I rediscovered berry picking. When I was young there was a lot filled with blackberry bushes across the alley from us. I would pick the first berry ripe to the very last one in the fall. Mom would give me a bowl and a bit of sugar and off I'd go indulging myself completely. We'd also pick in the height of the season and make blackberry jam and cobblers. Mom never mentioned that these were "weeds" and always encouraged picking. Blackberries are my favorite probably because of this memory! Image the first time I heard they were weeds and was laughed at for picking them....I was an adult and thought THEY were the crazy ones and I still do!

When I was in California the kiddos and I picked the berries and added them to our fruit salad. When I arrived at the Oregon Family's home and saw the berry patch across the street I was delighted. It took some coaxing but I was able to get the boys out to do a little picking. Then I showed Cosmo how to make cobbler. He's a pretty good baker and knew his way around the kitchen. The boys were impressed at the delicious results and I hope they've made several more batches.

I took home enough berries in my carry on to make a cobbler for Hubby which was very much appreciated. Once, in our pre-kiddo travels we stopped at the side of the freeway and picked an entire ice chest full of berries to take home to the family. So Hubby knows the value!

This week Jo called and asked if I'd like some cherries from her trees. They are producing a bumper crop and she has plenty. I went down and picked enough to can some pie filling. Hubby's favorite pie is cherry and so I was doing a good deed for both, helping consume cherries for Jo and keeping a smile on Hubby's face.
I hadn't canned for a long, long time. This was so much fun! When I'd finished canning the pie filling I texted Jo and asked is I could pick more for some jam., next time I go to Oregon I'm canning some BLACKBERRY JAM!

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