Sunday, June 9, 2013

I have several Vices - yarn being the biggest one!

About five years ago I met a lovely lady at the LYS, Wild Purls. Elizabeth had decided to learn to knit but wasn't the normal new knitter learning to knit on a dishcloth. No, she was in the process of finishing a fairly complicated sweater! Knit flat and with a pattern never ending pattern of seed stitch as I recall!

Her second project was a pair of socks. The owner of the LYS showed her how to  use double point needles and Elizabeth soon became very frustrated. For some new knitters that frustration might have ended their knitting career altogether. Not knowing Elizabeth well and not wanting her to leave never to return again, I quietly talked to her about the beauty of circular needles. Her eyes lit up and to my knowledge she never looked at double pointed needles again!

Sadly, Elizabeth moved to Texas but we remain in contact through Ravelry. She has fallen in love with knitting, crocheting, weaving, fiber, spinning and dying! Lizzy is now  the owner of Vice Yarn Company and I'm proud to have had a small part in her love affair with fiber!

Lizzy remembers our time together also and recently sent me several skeins of Vice. What beautiful yarn!
The blue yarn is Carnal.This yarn will make a beautiful Zuzu Petals which I'll be wearing this coming winter! Carnal is a merino, cashmere and silk blend. The shades of grey is in Covet a wonderful lace weight, I will be knitting Bonny with these 750 yards! Lastly is Paradigm a lovely fingering weight of 80/20. It would make a beautiful pair of socks but I will be on the look out for a more visual way to show it off!

Thank you so much so very much for this special gift, it brought back such fun times!

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