Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Thanks Stash and Burn!

I'll  admit it, I'm a podcast junkie! I enjoy listening to popular podcasts such as This American Life  or Things They Don't Tell You in History Class but I particularly enjoy listening to podcasts sharing my love of knitting. One such podcast is Stash and Burn.  Every week or two Jenny and Nicole, the hosts, share the secrets of their overflowing stashes.

Recently the gals offered the opportunity to win a copy of Knit To Flatter. We were to: "post in this thread about your best sweater success or your worst sweater failure."

My response was:
"I would say that my worst sweater failure is not really the sweater but my change of taste in sweaters over time. I used to knit the bulky “ski” type sweaters but have now moved on to DK weight lighter sweaters (much more wearable). I think I should spend more time carefully planning each sweater rather than the, “Oh, this sweater looks fun, I think I’ll knit it!” way I’ve been choosing projects."

A week of so later I received  this message:
"Thanks to everyone for entering and sharing your sweater successes and failures! With assistance from the random number generator our winner is Emptyknitster. Please PM me your address."
Thanks Jenny and Nicole, the book is great and I look forward to diving into it and creating a great new sweater!

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Kathryn W. said...

Oh neat! I was browsing through your blog when I saw this. How do you like the book?? The amazon reviews are great!