Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Thanks Mr. Chico."

We all love our time a Chico Hot Springs but I don't think anyone enjoys it more than The Tiger. The last overnight stay we had at Chico The Tiger spotted a worker who wore a cowboy hat, western shirt and jeans and decided that must be the owner, "Mr.Chico." During the visit The Tiger just couldn't gather up the courage to talk to "Mr. Chico" but instead he watched Mr. Chico's every move.

The Tiger was tickled pink when he spotted his buddy "Mr. Chico" this trip and again quietly watched Mr. Chico everytime he entered the pool area.  On our last evening Mr. Chico threw out several pool toys to our kiddos. The Tiger was delighted and without a thought yelled, "Thanks Mr. Chico!" It was nice to see a smile cross the old guy's face!
Before we left the pool area for the night, The Tiger was sure to place the toys next to the management doorway  so "Mr. Chico" could share with someone else another day.

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