Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

The family began trickling in on Friday, first the NorDak Family and the later in the evening The Chick Who Flew The Coop. Finally, on Saturday the California Dreamin' Crew flew in. Most families have a traditional Easter egg hunt, church and ham dinner kind of a day but obviously we are a rather unusual family...

The boys sat around most of the morning warming up to what the day could bring.  Ultimately they hatched the potato gun idea! Thankfully The Chick offered to take the boys to the local hardware store for supplies knowing full well that there was no way the twosome could drive there and back without some mishap.  Off the three of them went and shortly thereafter Cousin John dropped by for a quiet few minutes before the trio reappeared.
The partners in crime!
The potatoes flew across the gully, over the road and into the horse pasture! I really can't believe that we had so much fun shooting those darn things!

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