Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Birthday Socks

I've been knitting birthday socks for Kimmie. We had a birthday party Friday at the Burger Dive, a great spot that only could get better if they served a beer with the burgers. We've been going there for a year to celebrate and the owner smiles at us when we walk in, birthday placemats in tow!

I had forgotten to take a photo before the socks were gifted. So when I approached Kimmie after the holiday I was surprised to see the look of horror on her face when I told her I had made a mistake and shouldn’t have gifted the socks to her…(intending on finishing with, until I took a photo.) But before I could finished the sentence she cut in and said “But I wore them all weekend, all three days after skiing!” Now SHE is someone who appreciates my knitting!

Kimmie then told me that upon arriving home Monday night, the socks were lovingly hand washed but she would wear them on Wednesday. After school today she modeled the socks and now I have a truly completed project!
Pattern: Double Eyelet Rib Toe-up Socks by Wendy Johnson
Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks Ragg Shades
Colorway: Brown Rose Marl
Amount: 2 skeins
Needle Size: US 1

Birthday socks are the name of the game after the "Damn Sweater Fiasco" last year. I'm already knitting on another birthday pair that I can't wait to share!

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