Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The surprises just keep coming!

Happy New Year!

What a great way to begin the New Year. Late last fall I joined the Fellowship of the Traveling Socks sponsored by Mel, Singled Handed Knits podcaster. The idea was to receive socks that are not complete, knit a little bit and send them on to the next destination. My package arrived yesterday but I'd just sent the last of the holiday families on their way and so I nested ALL day. (Knitting, and rewatching Downton Abbey under a warm and cozy afghan.) I didn't even walk up the hill for the mail!

Hubby brought it to me this morning with the comment, "It's the Christmas that just keeps giving!" He was absolutely right. The Traveling Sock package had arrived all the was from Australia! I believe that Kiki, of Yarn versus Zombies fame sent the package on the 12th of December. The package took a bit of time but was worth the wait! 
(The package arrived at just the right time, as you can see I have less than 1/2inch to knit before my monogamous project is done!) I will begin my bit on the Traveling Socks this afternoon.

It’s a good thing that I didn’t receive them before the Holidays. Hubby always accuses me of peaking before Christmas…
 I didn’t this time, I promise!

There are other things in this package but I'm sworn to secrecy. (I'm enjoying putting the bits and bobs together and LOVE that they are supposed to be from around the house!)

So, I'll be expecting an address to send the socks on to someone soon. I should have the heels done by the weekend if not sooner....

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