Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Cat Whisper

Last Saturday The Chick Who Flew The Coop was gathering up her things to make the trip back to her house, clean laundry (check), Black Friday sale items (check), and finally her kitty - Babycakes.  Babycakes loves her mom, her apartment, and our house but she HATES what is between - the car travel!

So when The Chick said, "Okay Baby, I know you won't like this, but it's time to go home." Baby looked at her, tucked her tail between her legs, bolted for the basement stairs and yowled one long yowl all the way until she was under The Chicks bed!

There was a quick discussion and we decided that she could stay with us until after Christmas. A hour after The Chick left, Babycakes appeared and life has been great ever since. Baby goes out on our deck and takes in a little fresh air every morning but what she loves the most is Hubby. She sleeps on him, follows him everywhere and is only two feet away whenever he is home.
Hubby has already bought her a cat bed that will fit into her cat carrier to make the trip home "less stressful". He truly is a cat whisper - not a cat he doesn't love - or vice versa.... Oh, wait a minute I need to write about our other grandcat, Hannah, but that is another story and one best left for Halloween - a true horror story!
Nikko in the new cat bed - Grace is hiding somewhere pouting!

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