Sunday, December 23, 2012

Just what the Doctor ordered!

Last weekend I was in rainy San Francisco. The Wednesday before I was to fly down I was gifted  with a cold and laryngitis - again, the second time this school year. With some quick reflection and a little math I realize that I have 700 pupil contacts a week and I'm sure that they aren't all healthy and germ free. When I started my teaching career every year for the first five years I was sick by the third week of school - Open House night was always timed right in the middle of my cold, cough and laryngitis. So I guess it is reasonable the when serving that many bodies a week I will have to boost those immunities.

When, over lunch hour, my cold turned into laryngitis I paniced! I had been so looking forward to my trip to see The California Dreamin' Family! I wrote up Sub notes and decided that I would stay home Thursday and Friday, not talk to anyone, and hope for the best, After all the cold would be almost a week old.....

By Friday I was better but not even functioning at 75%. I called daughter and she said, "Come anyway, if you don't feel good we'll stay home, eat soup and play board games."

What a novel idea!!! Going to daughter's to be nursed over! I loved it! We had a great time and I left feeling much better! I'm hoping/praying that I didn't pass the bug to them!

Chloe rehearsed and performed in The Nutcracker again this year, a real treat for this Gramma to see! While she was away I loved watching The Pirate play.  He loves games but also loves to get them out and build, he'll construct for hours.
We played Ticket to Ride and Dread Pirate, too.
(Notice a repetition in The Pirates clothing? Yes, he still LOVES his pirate sweaters! This Gramma will always make him one when requested!)

The California Dreamin' Gurl remembered I had mentioned wanting to go to A Verb For Keeping Warm, a yarn shop I had heard much about on several podcasts, and so off we went one of the mornings...
The yarns are beautiful and the owners are lovely. 

We also dropped in at Trader Joe's, walked from the house to a bookstore and manicure shop. SO different from Montana!

A great time. Thanks Family!

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