Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I had been fending off the Pinterest craze for sometime. I love Ravelry, my knitting community, but it does cut into my knitting time and I knew that Pinterest would as well. Finally I broke down when the teachers all around me began saying what a great source of lessons there was on Pinterest. I have picked up a few lessons but what I feared has happened! I've begun working on projects from Pinterest...

I have snowmen all over the house and keep them up until February so when I spotted this simple project I had to add it to the collection.
Easy, with fun foam and my NEW glue gun!
Also, there have been many entries on using Sharpies on mugs and plates to make personalized items. This has been an interesting project. I've gone everywhere trying to find the necessary items. I'm currently doing a "Test" project to see if it works!

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Carol said...

The refrigerator snowman is so clever - will definitely do this with my grandchildren! Your shawls are lovely - I can't wait to hear about your trip.