Sunday, December 30, 2012

A week's holdiay

Hubby worked on Christmas again this year. So The NorDak Family decided to celebrate the 25th with the other side of the family and come to Montana on Wednesday. The Chick and I lounged all Christmas morning, Hubby's nephew dropped by and then we went down to the fire station and had a lovely dinner.
Hubby's good friend, McKinney, will be changing shifts this next year and so this is possibly the last time they will be working at the station together.

When the family arrived the 26th the kiddos couldn't wait to open their gifts. They were excited about the future wagon train trip but even more so when they found out the cousins will be going as well. The kiddos were especially happy to see their Auntie!
Our days were filled with Uno and Ticket to Ride. Grandpa took the kiddos out one day to sled. When they were back in the house for hot chocolate The Tiger reported they had all taken one "really fast" ride down the hill. His Mom said how she'd like to have taken a photo but The Tiger replied, "Grandpa said THAT won't be happening again!"
Sweaters one and two are photographed, one to big and one just fits...
The Christmas tradition continues, the tree was taken down last night by the kiddos. The family left this morning and all is just about back to normal. Cats are asleep, Netflix is on and knitting is in hand....

Thank you family for a great holiday!

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