Sunday, November 4, 2012

Crawling out of the knitting pit

I have been frustrated for several months over my knitting. I dislike having piles of unfinished items in front of me and that is exactly what has been happening lately. Rather than knitting an item, posting it as complete and moving on, I've been slogging on and on never seeming to get anything complete.

There is a Christmas sweater I'm not happy with. I still have to finish "the thing" by my self imposed due date of Thanksgiving.

I initially was trying to work on whatever item my knitting group was knitting but that got out of hand. They were knitting items I really had no use for. I realized this kind of knitting couldn't continue but not before starting a Piper's journey which now must be finished.

I joined my first online knit along and had a pair of sock to knit  but the yarn didn't arrive in time and so I ended knitting two pair.  Socks on a Plane and Katniss Socks are now complete.
Pattern: Katniss
Yarn: Yarn vs Zombies Damsel
Colorway: Cuffies
Needle Size: US 1

The Tiger lost his beloved "Bluie" while his mom was in DC and so I was commissioned to knit him yet another. It was found in a day or two but by that time I was a third of the way done.
Pattern: Pi Shawl (July) by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby Solids & Marls
Colorway: Baby Blue
Needle size: US 8

I am SO tired of this project that I needed a photo so I could stick a fork in it and call it done! It’s still blocking but will be dry when The Tiger comes. Hopefully he’ll think it’s a good replacement for “Blue II”.

I usually have some sort of charity knitting on the needles and so have a hat to complete.

I'm now trying to complete the Piper's Journey today and will move on to the dreaded Christmas sweater. It is a relief to be crawling out of this knitting pit and I'm looking forward to starting another project. I believe it will be selfish knitting in Wollmiese, hmmmmm...

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