Monday, October 8, 2012

Undelivered Party, and an outstanding KAL

At the beginning of the summer I discovered a new knitting podcast to watch, Single Handed Knits. Mel is an inspiration! She thought up a KAL to coincide with this fall's election and called it Sock The Vote. We are to spend October knitting socks, either top down (the Cuffy Party), bottom up (the Toe'd Party), the Green Party (socks with green in them) or Undecided Party (Spiffy-Iffies).

Unfortunately, there was an unexpected party formed: The Undelivered Party (yarn is still in transit).  Sadly, I became a reluctant member! I am amazed at how everyone in this podcast group have gathered around The Underlivered Party and aligned themselves with the unfortunate ones! I have been gifted a pattern (a lovely cardigan pattern named Waiting Cardi) as well as received many notes from group members living all over the world. For me the comradery is a wonderful and unexpected bonus!

I believe I will receive a replacement package tomorrow and life will return to normal but I must say that tonight, I will bask in the glow of several parties united in the task of knitting socks! Thank you my friend for creating this adventure!

My socks for the Undelivered Party:
Saturday morning: Goodbye to the manicure, hello socks!
Pattern: Socks on a Plane
Yarn: Barking Dog Yarns
Colorway: Opposites Attract, Anthony and Cleopatria
Needle size: US 1.5

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