Sunday, October 7, 2012

No longer AWOL

It has been a very busy beginning of the school year! So busy in fact I haven't even had time to post even a tiny blog, or finish one knitting project - until this weekend...

I love my new school assignment, I'm a science and math specialist for 3rd - 5th graders but keeping ahead of 450 students is difficult.  When I returned to school at the end of August the classroom was filled with my boxes and items left behind by the former teacher. With a lot of hard work I was able to create a great science classroom. Each day is filled with math games and hands on science activities, the kids love coming and I love having them!

The end of the month brought a birthday and I'm still celebrating. The day before my birthday my long time friend, Kendy, came to town and we had pedicures, shopped, ate out, went to a movie, played a board game and jumped into the hot tub. In the morning it was breakfast, more shopping and then home to spend the day with hubby.  This weekend the gals at work took me out to lunch and we had a great chat - something we've been unable to do because we're all so busy! ( I'm so out of the habit of blogging I forgot to take pictures!) And there is one more lunch to look forward to - Brother Steve to met soon.

Hubby went on a hunting trip the middle of the week and wasn't to be back until tomorrow. However the weather changed on Friday and brought snow. By the time I got home from my lunch with the gals, hubby was here drying his tent out in the garage!

I held firm with the weekend commitment to complete as many knitting projects as possible and so have a few to share.

I've been crocheting a blanket for charity on my lunch breaks. This was a project suggested on a podcast I watch, Wolfe Farms. I hadn't crocheted anything for awhile and so it was a welcome change.
Pattern: Irish Chain (Diagonal) Baby Blanket
Yarn: Bernat Baby Sport Ombre
Amount: 761 yards
Crochet hook: G
Pattern: Stashbuster Socks
Yarn: 75% wool, 25% nylon
Colorway: Leftovers from stash in three colors
Needle size: US 1
Pattern: TINY tea leaves cardi
Yarn: Cascade Yarns, Pacific
Colorway: Hydrangeas
Amount: 4 skeins
Needle size: US 7, and 6
Pattern: Ally's Stretch Yoga Socks
Yarn: Paton's Stretch Socks
Colorway: Licorice
Amount: less than a skein
Needle size: US 3

Sadly, I still have four other items on needles. All this from a monogomous knitter! I swear when I get these items done I will knit the way I love to major item and one pair of socks to take with me place to place!

More tomorrow!

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