Thursday, August 2, 2012

You knit socks...are you CRAZY?

I've been asked about my new interest/love of sock knitting....

I don't like just sitting or waiting twiddling my thumbs. Meetings drive me crazy because usually only a tenth of the information has anything to do with me. Appointments at the doctor's always leave me waiting. Traveling, car or plane, involves little movement and lately a lot of waiting at the airport. These are perfect times to bring out the emergency knitting! Sock projects can easily be carried in the "Momma bag" sized purse most of us carry, but I soon realized the pattern was often misplaced. Memorizing the following simple pattern has been a great solution:

 Emergency Knitting
 Top Down Sock Pattern:

-Size 1 circular needles
-Cast on 72 stitches
-Knit ribbing in the round to desired length (about 1 inch)
-Knit cuff as long as you like (7 inches total for me)
-Put waste yarn in for the after thought heel to be knit later
-Knit the foot to end of your baby toe
-Decrease 2 sts on each side of the original 36sts every other row, until there are 12sts
-Kitchener’s remaining sts.
-Pick up heel from waste yarn (36 sts on each side of circular needle)
-Knit 4 rows then knit heel the same as toe!!

I use this as a basic pattern but have added:
1. Striping yarn
2. Ribbed down entire socks
3. Stashbuster spirals
4. Skyp socks
5. "Kebnekaise" socks
6. In other words, find a sock pattern you like and plop the "sock texture" into this generic pattern.


qwiltnknitnut said...

Gosh, this is a wonderful idea! I have been knitting socks for a long while, but like the idea that I can have a pattern memorized to use whenever I need it.
thanks so much for posting this!

aprilquilts said...

I REALLY love this idea. Do you have any tips on alternating yarn?