Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Toady visits the greenhouse

There's and new a little creature residing in my greenhouse. I've been stalking him for the past week. He tends to jump out at me when least expected and then quickly hides away. I 've checked at odd times during the day, hoping to catch a glimpse and yesterday it paid off! I had my camera at the ready and was able to take a few shots.
He is a Woodhouse's Toad, and although he lives in the central United States this is the first one I've seen on our place. They like to burrow and in fact he is living in the greenhouse under two 2x4's the fan is sitting on.  I hope he finds his new home to be suitable and will live out his four years with us.

This morning when watering the plants, I was a bit startled seeing him hop out of his hidy-hole when it got damp!

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