Saturday, August 25, 2012

Score! Wollmeise!!

Darlene, a long time and good friend, went to Gemany this summer to see her darling grandsons. Darlene hasn't been knitting a year but has heard me talk about Wollmeise and the fact it's worth its weight in gold to knitters everywhere.  After listening to my description of the beautiful colors and items made in this yarn she was bound and determined our community of knitters were going to be knitting on Wollmeise in the fall. Not only was she able to buy multiple skeins but she bought the yarn at the annual "Nobody's Perfect" sale and got a screaming deal on each of the skeins!
Darlene said it is a TINY shop and the women there were sticky buns to sticky buns around the entire shop. If a skein dropped to the floor there was no way to wedge your way down to pick it up! When the German women bought their skeins the immediately went out the door to the picnic tables in front of the shop, ripped opened the packages, took photos and began to knit!
I immediately proposed a "Wollmeise Tour" for end of next July!! Are you in?

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