Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chloe's knitting summer project

This spring a friend who is new to knitting found a great beginner's scarf pattern. The name of the pattern is Waterfall. The scarf takes only one skein of yarn, less than twenty stitches, and only one type of stitch, the knit stitch. I thought it would be great practice for my granddaughter when she visited. Another of my knitting buddies found some great sequined, purple variegated yarn at Hobby Lobby. Awesome color for Chloe, she loves sequins and purple is her favorite color!

When Chloe arrived we started the scarf but it never really got far...she knit a row I'd knit three or four. Without going into the particulars, the scarf doesn't use a regular knit stitch and was hard for her to wrap her little head around the slight change in stitch. Finally, I told her I'd just finish the scarf and send it to her.
Later, Chloe went into my yarn stash and brought out more yarn. She thought she'd like to start a hat for her new cousin Samuel who would be visiting from England when she returned to California. We found a hat pattern and I sent her home with an inch or two completed. Today I got an email and photo...
A lesson is to be learned here:
Don't try tell a knitter what to knit - even a young one!

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