Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Who do you think your are - visiting the HooDoos

Family from out of state have been visiting Montana this week. Hubby and I thought it might be a fun adventure for all of us to visit some ancient Native American pictographs. These pictographs are a well kept secret we discovered about twenty years ago. 

In past posts I've written about Hubby and how he never gets lost. He can find his way through unfamiliar wilderness and has even retraced steps days later to find lost keys or arrows. Yesterday it proved the same with with the pictographs. He hadn't visited them for over five years. Although he said he wasn't sure he could remember, he led us right to the area.
It was an amazing trip, the contrast in landscape and beautiful clear sky made this one of the most beautiful trips to the site I've ever taken!
Everyone enjoyed the trip even though the temperature was in the 90's. A late night before the trip and a hot hike proved to much for The Pirate and he gladly took a two hour nap upon our return.

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