Sunday, July 1, 2012

The last two weeks have been filled with Grandchildren! The California Dreamin' crew came up two weekends ago and we've been having fun ever since...we tried out the new "swimmin' hole", The Oasis, in the Heights. stopped by the library and borrowed a whopping 50 books (more than half are now  read) and learned to play Ticket To Ride before heading out to North Dakota to meet up with The Tiger and Sadie Lou Who. Hubby decided to go along on this trip and shortly after starting I'm sure he wished he'd stayed home. He recently bought himself a new pickup and we weren't 20 miles down the road before we'd picked this up...
Less than 250 miles on the truck spedometer - the Montana roads are killers!

The Pirate and Chloe-A-Little-Bit were great travelers - thanks to the library...
and once they saw their cousins it was like they had never been apart! The NorDak cousins immediately began giggling and running through the house showing us everything. First on the agenda, swimming in the new pool!
Many happy mornings, afternoons and evenings were spent in the pool. Another hit was the hammock...
Uncle Troy put the tent up in the backyard thinking they would want to sleep there. I was certain that it was a great idea in theory but would not actually happen - I was so wrong! They loved spending time there - afternoons they played cards or drew pictures, in the evenings the boys played armymen under the awning.

Their first night they were kept up well after bedtime with the noise of fireworks. At one point The Tiger was so frustrated his scream of "Shut those fireworks off!" could be heard from inside the house.
After years of visiting North Dakota I just learned about the Fort Steward Wagon train. We were welcomed into camp the first night and given a tour of the wagon train, as well as a demonstration of how to make rope. The kiddos want to go next year. For a week of reliving the Little House of the Prairie adventures it isn't very expensive. I think it just might be a go! There will be sewing this winter getting ready for the pioneer wear but truly sounds like a memorable adventure!

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