Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fire Season 2012

While we were in North Dakota the fire season began with a vengeance. Without a doubt Colorado is the hotspot of the nation, but Montana's fire season is heating up. There are fires just outside the state capital, another 30 miles to the north of us, and to the southeast there is a large fire on the reservation. With smoke in the air comes beautiful sunsets:
I took a few shots and then decided to put the finishing touches on my Rainbow Brite socks (a project isn't done until it's photographed!)
Pattern: LaLa's No sock, sock pattern, and Stashbuster Spirals (both free patterns on ravelry)
Yarn: Dyer Straits, Lorna's Laces
Amount: bits of three different sock yarns
Needle size: US size 1
A bit of Christmas in hundred degree weather!

After taking a few photos on the deck I looked up and saw a beautiful full moon. A brilliantly red sunset and to the east a clear moon rise.

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