Monday, July 23, 2012

Cameron's "early" Christmas sweater 2012

While The Pirate was visiting we had a nice discussion about his Christmas sweaters. Something is coming between him and every single one of his Christmas sweaters - the Pirate Sweater.  He loves the pattern, the fit, the hood the yarn, everything about his Pirate Sweater. I explained I LOVE knitting him sweaters but I also want them to be worn.

We came to a mutual decision to knit another Pirate Sweater, Pirate Sweater II is dieing.  He would like to have it for the new school year. (Last winter he explained to his mom that he didn't want to wear any other sweater to school because it would call attention to him - he's known for his Pirate Sweater.)

We went to the yarn shop and I said he could choose any yarn  he wanted. The Pirate chose a tweed (like Pirate Sweater I and II) but in ruby not green. I was proud The Pirate was stretching out of his comfort zone! It wasn't until we got home that his sister shared The Pirate choose ruby because there was only one skein of the green yarn - thank you Wild Purls!

Pattern: Pirate Sweater III, Wonderful Wallaby by Carol A. Anderson
Size: 12
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted
Colorway: Ruby Tweed
Amount: 4 skeins (and a bit of ecru)
Needle Size: US size 6 and 8

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Brianna said...

He's looking forward to his new sweater, but has told me twice that he would have selected green but the shop did not have enough. Crossing my fingers that he'll wear it!