Thursday, July 5, 2012

A big thanks to our fireman!

As a kid the fourth was my favorite holiday. Going to my aunt's house on the beach, all the pop and potato chips we wanted, great food, a bonfire and fireworks in the evening - don't forget the marshmallows!

But this year, Hubby worked on the forth, the grandkiddos are half Brit, Chloe is off sugar and dairy products, and there was a ban on fireworks, so I really didn't plan anything for the holiday. Yes, I did feel guilty. When Hubby called and said the boys at the station were planning a little barbecue in the afternoon I jumped right on it! Grandpa made it a little extra special for The Pirate by giving him a tour and letting him spray the fire hose.....
Well timed, the firemen were then called to put a grass fire out, impressing The Pirate with the lights and sirens as they left.

With smoke in the air and fire retardant planes flying overhead the public got the message, it proved to be a very quiet holiday!

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