Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting in shape for summer

The week before school ended the principal approached me about becoming the science specialist for third and forth grade. I gave it some thought over the weekend and on Monday asked for the position. While exciting, it changed the dynamics of the last 8 days of school. Not only did I do the usual end of the year things - teaching, reportcards, fieldtrips, and storing of items - I also immediately went into moving mode, taking only items I thought would be science worthy. Students happily grabbed boxes as they went to science class making the physical movement much easier. This last week I worked on developing lessons and now have the first quarter ready for fall. Lessons for the fifth grade "math review" class that I will also be teaching are lining out nicely. Having the first quarter ready to go allows me to relax and enjoy the summer! My only reservation is the fact that I will have 450 students and because I have a hard time with names, there will be a lot of "Hons" and "Champs" next year!

I've also been busy this past week cleaning house....not really blog worthy. Since our February trip to Hawaii everything has been categorized into "I'll do it when school is out".  Messy closets, needing new carpet, cleaning out the yarn stash, cleaning kitchen cabinets, hardcore knitting of Christmas sweaters, deep leaning of all rooms, flower beds, deck flowers, maintenance of old Singer sewing machine, getting the Morris couch and matching chair recovered.....the list goes on but this is what immediately comes to mind.
I believe everything has its place and everything should be in its place. Hubby thinks its place is stacked conveniently nearby for easy access. Can you feel the tension?? All cleaning must be carefully executed to keep domestic peace in the household. I made a tactical error this week and put his stack of hardback books on the shelves in the library, in alphabetical order according to author. When he realized they were gone he became really unhappy, how would he ever remember what he had read and what he hadn't?? Personally I think this simplifies things - he can just keep reading the same books over and over never having to buy another book! Thank goodness he has a man room and has just given me permission to step into it and put everything he owns in there rather than try to put them away in their proper place!

Today....on to my yarn stash, hands off Hubby!

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