Thursday, June 28, 2012

First Christmas sweater 2012!

The first of six Christmas sweaters is in the cupboard! I've finished Choe-A-Little-Bit's Vodka Lemonade cardigan and am on to the second sweater.

I did make a few modifications, both intentional and unintentional. The pattern calls for a US size 5 but to get gauge I used size 4. Although I’m not sure of the final fit, I loved the decreases and increases at the side for a fitted sweater. I just hope it works for Chloe. I was a sloppy pattern reader and only put one lace repeat on each front side - a design feature I guess! I looks fine to me but doing two on each side would have added a little more interest for me when knitting it!
Pattern: Vodka Lemonade
Yarn: Jojoland Tonic
Colorway: Shaded Spruce
Amount: 4 skeins
Needle Size: US 4

All in all this is a sweater worth doing again!

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