Friday, June 15, 2012

Before summer really can get started...

Next year I will be teaching science to third and fourth graders. I really didn't want to spend the summer thinking about what I will be doing and not producing anything concrete, so I spent the first week of my summer vacation lesson planning for fall. Scientific Method, ecology and worm farms are some of the things happening in the fall.

The principal also encouraged me "to just have fun." No more needed to be said! The "geek" glasses and science tees have been ordered, and a lab coat will be on hand by fall. I'm still looking for a pocket protector but think I should be able to find one soon. A real favorite of mine arrived yesterday:
 "Morti" McMasters
My 7th grade math teacher
Thanks to DeeAnn, our primary secretary, for the great idea! Morti will be our class mascot - taking tests for the students, giving out rewards (candy in his cranium) and keeping an eye on the kiddos.

The grandkiddos aren't to sure of Morti. The Pirate wanted to know how Morti liked staying at the house last night. When I told The Pirate Morti was bored and thought things were dead around here he had a good giggle!

The classroom is a mess but Morti and I are prepared for the first day of school!

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