Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beach Boys Concert 5oth Celebration

When we were at the California Dreamin' Gurl's graduation she casually mentioned we should return in a few weeks for a Beach Boy's Concert. Years ago a Beach Boys concert had been the gurls first experience at concert going and she remembered it fondly.  Little did she know that Hubby had been trying in vain to arrange just that event.
"The Beach Boys Concert - It Might Be Their Last, After That They Might Be Died Tour"
Hubby had talked about it so much, I actually thought that was the name of the tour and so was surprised to learn the concert's actual name is "The Beach Boys 50th Celebration Tour!"

He hadn't thought to look for a date while I was still teaching school. Hubby had tried Red Rocks, "No the grandkiddos would be visiting," How about Seattle? The answer was again no for the same reason.  But when The California Dreamin' Gurl said they were singing in the Greek Theater on June 2 his eyes lit up and who was I to say no because I had one hour of school before the plane took off?

We arrived on Thursday and drove to Napa Valley for a little relaxing at Calistoga's Indian Hot Springs. What a beautiful place.
We left just in time to get ready for the concert Friday evening. 
The Boys sang over 40 of the past hits and a couple of songs from their new cd. They still can put on a good concert.

The next morning we left the guys to fend for themselves - thank you Bake Sale Betty once again for providing lunch - and took of for the Retzlaff Winery for a fleece festival. I bought a few balls of roving (merino and corriedale) We also ran into one of my favorite set of pocasters, The Knitmore Girls, and had a nice visit. Jasmin was the one to suggest the merino and corriedale roving and it has proved to be a great spin!
Early Sunday morning we went to the Alameda Flea market. Hubby collects fire memorabilia and he wanted to roam "the largest antique show in Northern California".  I went along for the ride - literally so I could get to the airport! But then I saw something that I just couldn't do without. It was love at first sight, something that I just couldn't live without....
 It was just being unloaded when my eyes fell upon this little cabinet. (can you spot it behind the man? It's just peaking out next to the turquoise chest) The gentleman that sold the cabinet to me said he had bought it from an estate and the family had collected dolls and toys. He felt that they had used it for storage of the collection.
I haven't received my Kaidan Dansu (stair chest) yet, this photo is only a close second - I'll include photos when it arrives!
What a great way to begin the summer!

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