Sunday, May 6, 2012

Getting enough Vitamin D

I fell in love with the Vitamin D sweater at first sight, and began knitting it immediately after purchasing the yarn while still in the yarn shop. I had been knitting on the sweater for a week when I realized it was by the designer of the Peasy sweater. Hmmm, I had knit the Peasy sweater a year ago. It's the first and only sweater I've ever knit that was to small for me.
I had planned on knitting the body and sleeves of the Vitamin D sweater longer than the pattern called for but the closer I got to completing the sweater the more certain I was that even with these modifications it would be to small, just like the Peasy! Trying on the completed sweater didn't make me any happier. It was too tight!

The Vitamin D sat in the basket several days while I tried to decide what my recourse was. I was afraid I would block the sweater and it still wouldn't fit. Then I'd be unable to rip and reuse the yarn. I got brave and soaked the completed sweater for a half hour. As I took it out of the water I knew I was home free... it blocked beautifully!
I love this sweater and will wear it often the rest of the spring and well into this summer.

Pattern: Vitamin D, by Heidi Kirrmaier
Yarn: Lana Gatto VIP
Colorway: Blue
Amount: 8 skeins
Needle size: US 4

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