Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bake Sale Betty's

A visit to the Bay area wouldn't be complete without a visit to Bake Sale Betty's and this visit we were able to in fit 2, two, TWO visits!!

On the second visit I decided to get a little daring and try pecan shortbreads instead of the beloved molasses cookies. The California Dreamin' Daughter said they were good and, after all, we had 1/2 a dozen of the out of this world Bake Sale Betty's Molasses Cookies at home. After we had eaten our fried chicken sandwiches (hmmmm, these are worth dreaming about),
I offered The Pirate a cookie and he was delighted - that is until he looked in the box. He politely declined and said he'd wait until we got home so he could have a molasses cookie. (I've taught him well!) I quickly told him to eat the shortbread now...and a molasses cookie would be waiting for him when we got home. BTW the shortbread is good but The Pirate knows what's best, I'm sticking with him in the future.....MOLASSES ALL THE WAY!

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