Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wonderful Wallabies and wonderful students

This year several of the staff returned to the classroom, becoming students once again. I tried to let them follow their bliss and so we have knit fingerless gloves, scarves, and sweaters! The Wallabies took almost two months to complete. Here are a few of the finished projects and the happy knitters...
Deanne is an inspired knitter and has started a baby blanket. She will be knitting socks next week!
Darlene has started a second Wallaby and will be taking them to her grandchildren in Germany.
Kay finished her wallaby and will put it in her grandchild hope chest.
Laurie has finished her hitchhiker and moved on to socks!
My wallaby is for a yet to be determined little girl...
Pattern: Wonderful Wallaby
Size: Toddler 2
Yarn: Cascade Pacific
Colorway: Baby Pink
Needle size: US 6, US 8

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