Sunday, April 22, 2012

A lesson learned

The other day I asked for your help deciding if I'd made the right choice in yarns on the first Christmas Sweater of 2012 but really didn't explain my concern.

The sweater is in Teens and Tween #5 by Cabin Fever. When I went to my LYS I choose two colors I'd used before and probably have even used them for Joe on earlier Christmas sweaters. If each color looks nice on Joe shouldn't both colors look even better on him? But as I started knitting I wondered if they were the right choice...

Recently, theraineysisters had the same problem with color choice. They were offered this advice: Take a photo of the yarn and then change the photo to a black and white to see if there is a noticeable contrast in color. I not, the colors probably don't compliment each other.

I wish I'd remembered this advice when I bought the yarn. If I had I would have chosen  differently. If I'd stopped when I posted Friday, and taken this advice I would have "tinked" and gone back to the yarn shop. But I've forged on and am at the armholes.  What to do, what to do!

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