Sunday, April 29, 2012

In Dyer Straits

Yes, I'm addicted to knitting socks! There I've written it. I'm not sure what happened. I NEVER would have thought I'd write those words a year ago. Perhaps, it's because I don't try to knit anything but "vanilla" socks. I can knit them without a thought, cast on, rib, stockinette, after thought heel, stockinette, toe on toe, toe on heel...

I love finding unusual colors of yarn - striping yarns are a favorite.
There is a new yarn dyer in our area, In Dyer Straits.  I'm told I've met this new dyer and will remember her when next I see her. She lives in Absarokee Montana, a small town not far from here and frequents our LYS often. I love the way that the colors barber pole around the leg of the sock! The price was reasonable, $16.00 for 465 yards. The fiber content is perfect for socks: 75% Falkland Merino and 25% Nylon. (You can contact her by emailing: dyrestraitsyarns@ This colorway is called Plumage but I prefer Fiestawear!

Socks are my emergency knitting, I carry a pair in progress everywhere. Third graders are always interested in my progress as they return from lunch each day - some think socks take forever, others think they're a quick knit! At meetings, faculty members expect me to pull out the current pair. Even the dentist is surprised when I don't bring my current knitting to an appointment.

So write In Dyer Straits, order some sock yarn and tell her you heard about her yarn from Emptyknitster.

Soon you'll find that you, too, are knitting during all your aggravating "hurry up and wait" moments!

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