Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

The NorDak Family came this weekend and from the beginning The Tiger wanted me to pull a baby tooth. Everyday he'd ask if it was loose enough to pull. Thursday - no. Friday - no. Saturday - out it popped!
 What a happy boy!

I got on the phone, called the Tooth Fairy Hotline and let her know that even though it was Easter Eve we would be needing her services at our house in Montana. It's not very often that the tooth fairy AND the Easter Bunny stop by on the same night! The Tiger was happy the next morning when he looked in his glass and found plenty of change and a Sacagawea GOLD DOLLAR!

This reminded me of when the gurls were young and lost a tooth. The tooth fairy left the tooth and money in a glass at our house. They'd then take the tooth to Gramma and Grandpa's house (and let's not forget Uncle Scott because he did play a big role in this little scam). They then would put the tooth in the glass of water for a second round of tooth fairy goodness - and what a haul they'd get.....
During the day the toothless gurl would walk by the kitchen windowsill where the glass and tooth were, and watch it fill higher and higher with coins.

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