Saturday, January 21, 2012

The sign of true knitter who just happens to be a teacher

New knitter, Carol, showing off her Miss Sadie's Scarfette
At this week's knitting class, the primary teachers arrived with some upsetting news. During their grade level meeting they had been told:

"We are establishing a strict no knit policy for this district."

The gals said there were upset looks shared among the grade level (and within our own little knitting group as we were being told).

Then the original bearer of bad news continued: "Yes, from now on, not only will students with lice be sent home but children with nits in their hair as well."

Audible sighs were heard in both rooms!


Dianne said...

We missed you on Friday. I got the yarn for my Mary Scott Huff KAL! Swatching this weekend.

Sigrun said...

Too funny. Been there, done that--33 years of teaching now retired.