Sunday, January 1, 2012

"No Pattern" Socks

Recently, the Purl Gurls had a discussion on sock knitting at our Friday Happy Hour Knitting. I sang  praises for the "No Pattern" Socks that I had recently knit. Several asked me to write the pattern for the "No Pattern" Socks - it was good for a chuckle!

"No Pattern" Socks
An off road sock lesson from Lala, Judy's magic cast on, The KnitGirllls after thought heel, Cat Bordhi's reinforcement of the heel, Jeny's Surprisingly stretchy bind off and Kitchner Stitch!

Needle Size: US size 1 (this makes a much more durable sock)
  1. Use Judy’s Magic Cast On starting with 8 total stitches and increase every other row until there are 64 stitches. (32 on each needle, I use 2 circulars)
  2. Knit until the sock is at the place where your leg attaches at a right angle to the foot and then knit a piece of waste yarn into 32 of the stitches, then slide them back and knit these stitches with the regular yarn you have been using. (The KnitGirllls after thought heel tutorial is available)
  3. Knit until the piece measures 6 inches above the waste yarn. (or length of sock leg comfortable for you) 
  4. Rib for 1 inch. Cast off using Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off.
    po — pass stitch over
    YO, k1, po, *YO, k1, po, po, rep from * to end.
  5. Take the 32 stitches of waste yarn out. The top stitches will go on one needle and the other 32 will go on another circular needle. There will be a gap on either side so pickup 2 on each side. (I crossed them over each other to tighten them up)
  6. Knit 2 rows even. The heel will be done with an added bit of mohair - to reinforce the heel.
  7. Decrease stitches on each side every other row as follows:
    Row 1: K1, slip next 2 stitches as if to knit then ktog, knit to last three sts, ktog, k1
    Row 2: Knit one row
  8. Kitchener for the last 8 stitches!
These make great vanilla socks but a pattern can be added to the sock if you choose. I have added patterns to the top of the foot and legs on two pair of the socks I've knit.

Stitch Pattern One:
Row 1: (K3, p3) repeat to end of round
Row 2: (K1, sl1, k1: p1, sl1, p1) repeat to end of round

Stitch Pattern Two:
Row 1: (K6, p2) repeat to end of round
Row 2: (K2, Slip as if to purl, K1, yo, pass slipped st over last 2 sts, k2, p2) repeat to end of round

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