Sunday, January 15, 2012

Duty Mitts

Even if there is no snow on the ground, the wind is biting and the winter's cold, so we need to bundle up for recess duties! These mitts were a birthday gift to my good friend Johanna. They are intended to go with the Hitchhiker I knit her for Christmas.

I was attracted to these mittens when fall came out but just couldn’t drop everything and knit them - to much Christmas going on!

When knitting the second mitt it became clear that the mittens just weren’t going to be long enough so I made the second pair into fingerless mitts and ripped a little on the first pair…
 l love that they have the zig-zag reminiscent of the Hitchhiker!

Pattern: Ambroso Mittens by Carol Feller
Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted
Colorway: Mallard
Amount: 1skein
Needle Size: US 4

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Johanna (Mrs. F.) said...

Just now catching up with MY GOOD FRIEND Judy's blog:o) Love my fingerless gloves! (didn't know I'd be a fan of the fingerless) but these lovelies are absolutely the best at keeping my fingers toasty when driving. Actually, I like them better than my HotFingers gloves that I had been wearing because the wool seems to insulate my hands against the freezing cold steering wheel while driving to work.