Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa's Workshop

The workshop was busy this weekend, Mrs. Claus started and completed a pair of fingerless mitts.

Pattern: Mendocino Heel Stitch Fingerless Gloves
Yarn: Jojoland Tonic
Colorway: Rose
Needle Size: US 5 and US 7

She finished another Multnomah.
Yarn: Red Heart &Sole, 2 skeins, tag ends of sock yarn - 75% wool, 25% nylon
Colorway: Ivory and various bright colors
Needle Sze: US 5

Mrs. Claus completed a pair of socks that have been the bane of her waking hours for the last month,
Pattern: A off road sock lesson from Lala, Judy's magic cast on, The KnitGirllls after thought heel, Cat Bordhi's reinforcement of the heel, and Jeny's Surprisingly stretchy bind off!
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock Yarn
Colorway: arboi
Needle Size: US 1

I did some off road knitting, starting with Judy’s Magic Cast On with 10 total stitches and increasing every other row to a total of 84 stitches.

The top of the sock has the pattern of:
Row 1:k3, p3
Row 2: K1, sl1, k1: P1,sl1, P1
To 2.5 inches before total foot length.

I added mohair to the after thought heel for strength.

The top of the sock was cast off using Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off.
The heel will be done with an added bit of mohair - this is to reinforce the heel.
Knit 2 rows,
Decrease every other row until 10 stitches remain.
The decrease row is as follows:
Row 1:K1, slip next 2 stitches as if to knit then ktog, knit to last three sts, ktog, k1
Row 2:Knit one row

Then Mrs. Santa sewed buttons on a sweater, wrapped a few more packages, and started ANOTHER Multnomah!

Mr. Santa hopped into his sleigh and dropped off the packages today to be delivered to family soon!

It feels like snow tonight...

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Sarah said...

My goodness--that was no small feat for Mrs. Santa!! What a busy weekend!